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Our BRAND NEW Pic N Mix is here!


Step one: Choose from a 200g Pouch (5 Fillings), 1kg Pouch (20 Fillings) or 350g Heart Jar (5 fillings).


Step two: Let us know what fillings you would like from the list below: (GF=Gluten Free, VE=Vegan)


Fizzy Triple Hearts​

Kingsway Happy Flowers

Fizzy Peaches GF

Blackberry & Raspberry Gums GF

​Fizzy Snakes

​Watermelon Slices GF

​Baby Dolphins

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles VE

​Fizzy Bears VE

​Space Mix VE

​Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles VE

​Twin Cherries GF VE

Fizzy Cherries GF VE

​Barratts Jelly Love Hearts VE

​Baby Meerkats VE

​Sour Dummies VE

​Giant Strawberries VE



Please check out our allergy ingredients page for more details.

Pic N Mix

  • For more information of Ingredients & Allergens, please click here. 

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